The Members and staff of Cornforth Parish Council hope that all of our residents are healthy and keeping safe.  The current position insofar as it affects the Parish Council, based upon Government and other advice, is as follows.


In accordance with Government guidelines we have taken steps to make people aware that, whilst the open spaces in Parish care remain available for exercise, the playgrounds should not be used. We appreciate that as the play areas lie within the Memorial Park, this is difficult, but we have put up signs warning against their use.  In using the parks for exercise, please observe social distancing advice.


At this time, we have no plans to postpone or cancel scheduled Parish Council meetings.  The next Council meeting is on 20th April, with the Parish Meeting scheduled for 22nd May 2020, both beyond the Government’s current three week horizon. We will keep you informed.


Some aspects of Council business will continue, but others will be curtailed or usual practices changed. So far as possible, The Clerk will continue to work remotely to implement the Council’s instructions on such issues as obtaining grants for the refurbishment of the Memorial Park, where the wishes of the children for new equipment have been translated into an action plan approved at the March meeting.  However, the collection of allotment rents, which usually involves face to face meetings, will be delayed and in the case of a lengthier embargo on leaving our homes, done by post. The holding of twice weekly “surgeries” with The Clerk in Cornforth House will also need to be curtailed.


We have been advised that the issue of forms and instructions by our external auditors, normally sent at this time and calling for Parish Councils to prepare Annual Accounting Statements for the 2019/2020 financial year, has been delayed by three weeks.


I will keep you informed of any changes that occur that affect the Parish Council.  In the meantime, please keep safe and well.

Please visit the NHS website for more information. 


Ray Sunman

Parish Clerk.

March 2020

*** MAY 2020 UPDATE***

Due to the ongoing restrictions related to measures to contain the coronavirus, the May meetings of Cornforth Parish Council and the Parish Meeting have been cancelled.

The Parish Clerk will continue to progress the business of the Council, so far as he is able.  Should you wish to discuss any issues please get in touch.

His contact details are and his telephone number is 01388 817543.


Ray Sunman

Parish Clerk

May 2020


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